As the saying goes, “Every penny counts”... 

Do you seek to improve the overall efficiency and functionality of your HOA?  Are you looking to add to your Association’s reserves without paying more in monthly dues?  How would you like to lower your monthly HOA dues? To give you an idea of how we work, we first look at the whole picture.  Once we have all of the details, we can then go in and audit your HOA's budget and analyze where changes need to be made.  This is a very detailed and extensive process that goes beyond looking at the budget.

Budget Audits

Reduce your monthly dues.

  So how do we make that happen you may ask?  We do this by evaluating all your Association’s expenses big and small, we work with established vendors as well as your current vendor to get the best pricing and service available. The function of this audit is to create actual savings through proven innovative methods through our experience in property management and with vendor bids and contracts.

  If we cannot save you money, we don’t receive any fees for our service. At the end of our thorough and extensive audit, your Association will receive a detailed report with results of what we’ve found. You will see that we may find significant savings for your HOA community, which can result in increases in reserve contributions and/or possible decreases in monthly dues.

That's right.

We don’t get paid any fees for our services unless we are able to save your HOA money.  

So what are you waiting for? There is no downside to getting a n audit!  Why wonder if you could be saving money? Contact us today and be on your way to lowering your dues!

Community Enhancement Projects

For healthy HOA's who are content with their current management but feel their community is in need of improvements, we can offer owners representation for community enhancement projects.  We service communities in need of an overhaul, big or small.  There is always room for improvement, especially when those improvements translate into more savings for your Association and better home values for your community. 

The services we provide add a level of expertise where an HOA management company may otherwise not have the experience or tools to reach their budgetary or time constraints. HOAA will bid the project, identify qualified bidders, minimized change orders, and set schedules and keep the project on budget and on time.  Furthermore, utizing HOAA as your owners representative for community enhancement projects will minimize project costs and inconveniences to owners and the community.


We provide expertise... 

where mostHOA MANAGEMENT companies can't.

So what are you waiting for?

There is no downside to getting a FREE AUDIT!  

Click the the link above to get an audit and remember, we don't collect any fees unless we can save you money!