At HOA Advisors, we work with homeowners associations to lower your monthly HOA dues.  How do we do this? Great question!    

After filling out our form for a free quote, someone will be in touch to schedule a FREE and extensive audit.  This audit will analyze all of your costs and contracts, evaluating all your Association’s expenses (big and small). The function of this audit is to create actual savings  through our experience in property management and with vendor contracts. 

        "If we cannot save you money, we dont charge for our time."                    

At the end of our extensive audit, your Association will receive a detailed report with results of what we’ve found. You will see that we may find significant savings for your HOA community, which can result in increases in reserve contributions and/or possible decreases in monthly dues.

At HOA Advisors, we are confident in our ability to save you money due to our long-standing experience doing audits for a multitude of Homeowners Associations.  Having both the best resources and knowledge in our tool box enables us to maximize the effectiveness of your audit. All in all, your Associations have nothing to lose except an excessive budget.  As mentioned above, at HOA Advisors we don’t get paid any fees for our services until we are able to save you money. So, there is no downside and everything to gain.  Savings in monthly dues not only fosters happier homeowners and a happier community, it also makes for more effective use of funds. 

It’s a win-win!  





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